Hybrid Car Repair and Service

We repair battery, 12V Auxiliary Battery, Hybrid Inverter, Hybrid Trans-axle/Transmission, Engine and everything else in your hybrid vehicle. We analyze, adjust, and support your hybrid's electrical system, battery, and engine.

If you find it difficult to go uphill, and accelerate faster then the problem may be in your battery. Since the battery is the main power source of a hybrid vehicle you may not know that the #1 problem of vehicle breakdown is attributed to battery failure

A good battery will stay charged for long periods of time, and with proper upkeep of your battery, it can last you up to four or five years. However at the four year mark it may need patience or replaced because of battery malfunctions.

To prevent battery problems from happening to you it is advised that you get regular checkups on your cars battery so it will save you money in the near future.

So bring in your Hybrid car for a diagnostic test today! No appointment is necessary, but you can schedule one if you like by clicking this link or calling us at (909) 946- 7687.

Hybrid Dashboard Warning Symbols

Hybrid Car Repair Warning Symbols Master Warning
Your car is in non operating condition due to multiple possible causes.
Hybrid Car Repair Warning Symbols Hybrid Battery
Main Hybrid traction battery failed.
Hybrid Car Repair Warning Symbols Hybrid System
Your car is in may or may not be in an operable condition due to multiple possible causes.
Hybrid Car Repair Warning Symbols Output Control
Hybrid battery is working with marginal performance and it may fail at any time.


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