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The alternator is a component that delivers an electrical charge back to the battery. Your battery is the “heart” of your electrical system, providing power to run computers, switches, and small motors that all have a specific function within their own systems…but without battery power, nothing works!


Regular inspections are important

In your car, truck or SUV the alternator is attached to the engine and has a pulley driven by a “drive” belt, or in most of today’s vehicles, the serpentine belt. Running continuously while your vehicle is running, it acts like a generator to produce a charge that the battery will store. Essentially, it is a motor that runs in reverse to move energy TO the battery. If the serpentine belt breaks, there is no charge produced to replenish the battery, which continues to feed power to all other systems as required.

Alternatively, if your vehicle already has a weak battery, the alternator will continuously try to overproduce the replacement charge, and eventually fail.  That’s why it’s important to have a regular inspection of your charging system, so you can always have the right amount of power available when your vehicle needs it.

We only use quality replacement parts

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