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  • Monday 7.30 am - 5.30 pm
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Transmission Repair and Service

very day, your transmission works hard to keep you and your car on the go. The fluid that lubricates all of the transmission’s moving parts works just as hard as the transmission and should be changed as recommended. Over time, that fluid may get contaminated or lose the ability to keep your transmission performing at its peak. Your vehicle’s manufacturer is aware of this fact. So, they recommend getting your transmission flushed and a transmission fluid changed at specified maintenance intervals. This keeps your car running newer, longer.

Transmission Service

Whether it’s every 30,000 miles, 48,000 miles or 100,000 miles, Joel’s Automotive Repair will follow your vehicle manufacturer’s recommended transmission service interval.

As your Montclair service partner, you know we put every possible effort in repairing or servicing your vehicle to be the best it can be. Call us for an appointment at (909) 946-7687, or stop in (if you can!) at 5512 Arrow Hwy, Suite A, Montclair, CA and let Joel’s Automotive Repair help you with any transmission issues you might have!